Monthly Archives: October 2006


my throat hurts…

it’s been hurting so much, off and on, for the past couple weeks. sometimes I just want to punch allergies. it’s like, it rains, I’m sick. it’s sunny, I’m sick. how frustrating! all I want right now is to be curled up on the couch, lights off, with a good movie. too bad I’m so popular and busy tonight that I can’t sit around and do nothing. and, I have to work. and I don’t feel like working, and I havn’t for a whole week. my creativity has just been shot through the window. I don’t think I had realized how difficult it is to be a freelance designer when you actually want a social life too.


i heart shoes

I love shoes, but not as much as I love pictures of shoes. I like looking at pictures of shoes that just show the legs and feet. sort of weird, but I like it, alot. I like to think about where those shoes have been, who wears them, what they wear them for. I think you can tell alot about a person by the shoes that they wear. for instance, someone who wears beat up converse probably has a different personality than that of a person who wears leopard print stilettos. me, I wear my crocs and flip flops 90% of the time, which I think is pretty comparable to my personality. laid back, and comfortable.

I’ve just discovered Flickr, yea I know, I’m a little behind. but I love looking through the pools! here are some shoes pictures I love. I love the color!


favorite thing

saturday night, right before I fell asleep from my Jack Daniels induced state, I leaned over and said the funniest thing to my boyfriend. here’s the conversation:
me: you are my favorite thing.
him: I’m not a thing.
me: well, you’re not a place, and you’re not persons….
then I passed out… :)

he is my favorite thing. him and hot chocolate, orange creamsicle flavored chapstick, spicy tuna sushi rolls, kitchen dancing, quiet winter nights with the windows open, and puppies. just to name a few.


it’s for things like this.

lately, he’s been providing me with daily quotes of inspiration. this is the one for today:
“the most complete good is one chosen for its own sake and never for the sake of something else……… and that is happiness and flourishing.”

I love this quote. and I love him for finding it for me. to me, it’s about selfless good deeds. the good you bring to one another simply because you want to do it, not because you feel good about it after doing it. it’s the things you don’t think about. it’s doing things that come naturally. it’s innocently smiling while making someone’s day brighter, sharing your lunch because it feels right, holding the door open for someone passing by. it’s love that happens and doesn’t feel impossibly forced. happiness comes once you are able to see things clearly and treat life with simple pleasures.


in love

it’s true. we’re nothin’ but a couple of lovebirds. curious, I typed in “lovebirds” in google images and these are a few of the pictures that it came up with. <3
he’s sleeping right now, and he looks so handsome.