Monthly Archives: November 2006


I should be a fire fighter

I’ve been putting out fires all day here at work. it’s amazing how many people can’t fix their own problems. and me, being the busy bee with my concern for others, and cause I can’t just sit around and let there be problems, I fix them. I’m the best fire-putter-outer this side of the west.
big pet peeve: people who can’t fess up to their mistakes.


I heart ELO.

there are certain cd’s I remember listening to when I was a little girl that now remind me of events or times in my life. they bring warm feelings to my mind. one in particular is The Essential Electric Light Orchestra by ELO. I can remember listening to this cd with my mom in the car on the way to piano competition. the drive to piano competition was so fun, because we got to really bond. we were so silly together. it’s little things like this that really make me miss her. now whenever I listen to this cd, it brings back wonderful memories.


latin profanity

did anyone know that there is Latin Profanity? it’s actually quite humorous.

Latin class was so fun in 8th grade. our teacher was a nut. he was so weird! I remember, every St. Patricks day, he would wear these awful green corduroys. my best friend and I used to cut up all the time in class. I can remember drawing all kinds of neat things in my Latin book. we made our Latin books a work of art! I had wanted to keep it forever. we were huge nerds.

but then again, I guess I’m still a huge nerd.


decision for thursday.

I’ve decided that I need to be making more money. I have way too much of an expensive taste for my own good. it makes me sick to think of all the clothes and shoes and purses and apartment stuff that I want to buy. I guess I’m being a brat, but damnit, I want new clothes!

on another note, my boyfriend had to go to school all dressed up with a tie on for a speech today. I missed the hottness. :(


the tea is here!!!

YAY!!!! the tea came yesterday! we ordered three different teas from Rishi like over a week ago. it took forever for them to get here, but finally we have tea! I got a White Tea with Peach, and it takes like orange blossoms and peaches. yum! we also got Moonlight White Tea, and Shade Grown Yerba Mate. now I can’t wait to order tea again.

my boyfriend is so cute. by the time I had come home from work yesterday he had already drank three glasses of tea.


watch out eyebrows

everytime I have looked in the mirror today, my eyebrows have been crazy. the right eyebrow is sticking out everywhere, and the left one is a mess. it must be a sign. hm… I wonder what that means?


feeling down? no way!

today I started feeling a little down. well, not totally “down” persay, but I was beginning to stress out a little bit. here are a few things that have kept me happy today:
new tunes
christmas excitement
january 1
new gym clothes
guessing what might fit into a shoe-box sized box that I’m getting for christmas
holiday treats
his smiling face