10 things I love about my purse.

10. that’s right, it’s hot.
09. it’s HUGE. {even though I dig for the little things}
08. it so big, I could fit an umbrella, a watermelon, a balled up shirt, small child, a large nalgene, and hand gun in it. {if I wanted to of course}
07. the “leather” is so soft.
06. it’s the perfect color brown and goes with everything.
05. it makes me feel more like a boho trendster hippy. better babe?
04. it was relatively inexpensive…I say relatively lightly.
03. it has the perfect sized pocket for my cell phone and another perfect sized pocket for my ipod.
02. it’s convertable. the straps come off, the buttons up snap, so it becomes even bigger.
01. it’s totally me.

{image and bag from Urban Outfitters}

3 Responses to “10 things I love about my purse.”

  1. Borda said:

    I love it. You could get a little pouch to put things like your chapstick in so you don’t have to dig so much. You could get a mini caribeaner (sp?) for your keys so you can clip them to something. Then you won’t have to dig for those. I hate digging for keys.

  2. Julie said:

    it sounds a lot like my bag! is it from urban? is that the bag in the pic? mine is bcbg girls. I LOVE IT! i love the big bags and mine is chocolate brown :) i have a little makeup case for lipgloss, etc and it works well (like what borda said)! I LOVE YOUR BLOGS ;)

  3. Caitlin said:

    well this totally made my decision! i just ordered it and i’m so excited to see it in person!!