10 things I love about today…

10. it’s the middle of the week! two days done, two days to go.
09. it’s November 1. not that that is anything super cool, but it’s a whole new month. and that means a whole new chance to start over new.
08. waking up at 6:30 after sleeping horribly, and deciding that we don’t have to the gym.
07. eating eggs with ham and cheese and butter toast with him.
06. chocolate covered blueberries and tea for a mid morning snack!
05. going into work late.
04. the nap I took this morning.
03. the slight chill in the air as fall has finally started.
02. taking a shower with fresh out of the dryer towels.
01. and lastly and most certainly the best… eating dinner with him tonight at Berns Steak House! bring on the Chateaubriand and red wine!