the beer book, part one

my boyfriend and I have started a beer and wine journal! there have been so many times we have gone to the beer store, gotten a new beer, and forgotten if we liked it or not. so, we decided to start a journal. in our journal we will have labels, descriptions, our taste notes, and rating. we had a terrible time taking some of the labels off, and I ended up ripping a few of them. {of course} but it’s off to a good start! this weekend we did the first of the tastings with a few IPA’s from Total Wine. so here are our first tastes! {all of the ratings are out of 5}
01. Acme IPA – I love the label, but it gets 2.5 stars {the .5 was for the label}
02. Dogfish Head 60min IPA – 4 stars
03. Dogfish Head 90min IPA – yum yum YUM! 4.5 stars
04. Harpoon IPA – 1.5 stars
05. Avery IPA – 3 stars

One Response to “the beer book, part one”

  1. Jane said:

    you have a beer blog.


    you might be the coolest girl I know!