I decided to let my creative juices flow this weekend. I went to Pearl yesterday with a simple intention of purchasing a new sketch book. {which I did buy, very cool, linen cover} I was walking around the store trying to find something really neat to get for my boyfriend, when I found the felt. I have always had a thing for felt, but I’ve never made anything with it. I was feeling extra artsy, so armed with ideas of little animals, I purchased navy blue, dusty rose, and baby pink felt, along with some goosefeathers and string. and thus, I have created birds! I stuffed each one with poly fill stuffing and a teaspoon of lavender for a relaxing scent. with the strings attached to the top of their heads, they will make great christmas ornaments.

oh, and did you ever “create” with those little pom poms when you were a kid? I used to love them! they always cheered me up. so, I bought my boyfriend a package of yellow pom poms because he was having a weird day and needing cheering. I know, I’m such an art nerd.