relationships. by definition, a relationship is the connecting of two people. to have a successful relationship, two people must connect on many different levels, whether it be socially, physically, or spiritually. to me, social and physical connections are very important. I simply can not be with someone who is not socially compatible with me. I enjoy people who like to do the same things as me, as most of us surely do. that’s why we have our friends, they are socially compatible with us. and for our boyfriends/girlfriends, we are wrong to say that physical attraction does not matter. whoever made up the concept that attractiveness doesn’t matter must have been high or something. this is the initial thing that draws us to a person. I’m not wrong to say that I wouldn’t date someone who I found unattractive. spiritual connections are important, however, not as important to me in the large scale of things. however, I would not date someone seriously involved with their faith, because I am not.
so, what does it mean to be compatible? similarities and connections make relationships develop. social, physical, and spritual connections make relationships stronger. chemistry makes us connect. chemistry. it’s that spark we get. it’s the butterflies you feel when you’re with a person. it’s what draws us closer to a them. there is something about that person that you can’t get enough of. it’s in the way they talk, move, smile, wink, laugh, or frown, that compels you to want to be closer to them. it’s when you’re in a crowded room full of people and they are the only one in your eyes and you in their’s.
simply put, a compatible relationship is one in which we are able to connect with another person. it’s someone we feel good being around, and comfortable with on all levels. it’s when everything suddenly goes right, when you don’t have to talk to understand eachother, when you can’t stand being alone…it’s when you’re finally able to stand still.