I just deleted my MySpace account. finally. and boy does it feel weird. in a way, it’s liberating, but then again, it’s also kind of sad. I admit, I almost cried. almost.
I was a little on the obsessed side of myspace. it’s hard not to be addicted! I’d get stuck in the MySpace time warp and before I knew it, I’d wasted hours browsing the many, many, MANY pages of MySpace world. and, it’s funny how many people have been like, “why are you deleting your account?” and “don’t delete it!!”. they are all just as trapped as I was and just don’t realize it yet.
we’re all just amused at the little things in life. and it’s incredible how simple things have been made for us. text messaging – so we don’t have to speak on the phone. email – saves us the sore hand from writing so much and the $0.39 to actually drop a letter in the mail. myspace – a site, where you can send messages to all of your friends at one time, thus essentially “saving” time in email land. pretty soon, we’ll have voice boxes that talk for us, or maybe even robots.

I’m babbling now. but at least I deleted my account. that damn thing asked me 5 times if I really wanted to delete it too. I even had to check my email, click a link, then press delete again. they really make you absolutely positive you want to say goodbye. and I conquered MySpace world.

2 Responses to “finito.”

  1. Julie said:

    I can’t believe you really did it! You, of ALL people! I remember many many months ago when you told me I HAD TO GET ON MYSPACE and now I’m still here :) I logged in this morning and I saw you weren’t there on my top friends and I was in shock! I’m so proud of you though!!

  2. Borda said:

    I think I’m still in disbelief that you’re gone. I haven’t had the chance to log in yet and really see the proof. I’m going to have to replace you on my top friends. How can I do that? You’re irreplacable.