in the weirdest ways.

today I went to Nature’s Harvest on my lunch break. 01, I needed to get out of the office for a little while, and 02, I really didn’t want my sandwich I had brought. I’ve been feeling sort of down today, for not really any specific reason, and just thought some fresh air would help. as I was waiting in line for the check out, there was a little girl, not much older that 3 or 4, with her mother in the line behind me. I smiled at the mother, then looked down at the little girl who was twirling around and singing. one particular line of the song she sang perked my ears up. this is what she said: “thinkin’ about how things might change.”
and right at that moment, I stopped letting my mind wander. I know things are great in my life. I know that, 100,000,000%. it’s like I needed to hear that little girl today. and if things change, they will only be for the better.