a couple years ago, I purchased a vintage looking silkscreened print from Goodwill for $10. I’ve never really thought much of it, except that I thought it was pretty neat. it’s a print of navy blue sailboats on a heathered camel color linen, streched to a wooden canvas. there is a signature at the bottom, Marushka. honestly, I didn’t even pay for it. my dear friend bought it for me because she wanted to! anyway, one day a friend of mine was in my apartment and fell in love with it. he even offered me $50 for it! I liked it too much so didn’t take the money. but the admiration for the print made me wonder where it came from. so I did a little research and this is what I came up with.
Marushka, a design and silk screen textile manufacturing company, was founded in Spring Lake, Michigan, in 1972 by Phyllis Gifford and Dick Sweet. the name “Marushka” means “Mary” in Polish. in 1984 the facility moved to Grand Haven, Michigan. the prints usually depicted the landscape of the Lake Michigan shoreline–sea grasses, native flowers, seagulls, shells, beach scenes and farm land. after 1985, an apparel business called Michigan Rag was added to Marushka. hand printed art, similar to the vintage Marushka prints can be found at The Art Farmer. there are some of the vintage images that I found.

{all information and images from eBay stores}

10 Responses to “marushka”

  1. Marushka said:

    I love the Marushka boat prints especially…

  2. jma3x@mtsu.edu said:

    I also bought a Marushka in a thrift store in TN. My print is of white hippos against a bright blue background. I’ve had it for about 5 years and just today gave it to a dear friend of mine who has always loved it from first sight. She is moving on to Texas as I am moving back home to California and there is no better home for it than with her. Hadn’t known a thing about it until googling it today. Thank you for the info.

  3. Heather said:

    I just bought a Marushka glass, with an image of a few birds and grass on it. Does anyone know anything about Marushka on non fiber things? Thanks:)

  4. Kelly said:

    Yeah, I just bought three prints today for 75 cents each. I googled Marushka and it brought me here. Neat! One is trees, the other butterflys, and the other little brown birds.

  5. Nick said:

    I bought a Marushka print of a parrot at an estate sale for a whopping 25 cents!! Since then, I have been looking on ebay and I have bought two more, both of sailboats. I wish I was able to see some at garage sales or more I liked on eBay!!

  6. Trudy Clark said:

    I have a whole cottage full of Marushka prints. There were several in the cottage when we purchased it, so I continued the search for more. Most of them are sailboats and birds. I just got a pillow today, which is a bird print. Appears to be new – someone has quilted it.

  7. Jennifer said:

    I am interested to know about the screen prints for the light house scenes. I have three originals and am wondering if I should hold onto them, or sell them. They are in great shape. What do you suggest? Do you know anyone that could help me figure out what to do with these?

  8. Zachary said:

    I stumbled upon a screen with some trees on a lakeshore in my grandmother’s basement. She was wondering about the worth of the screens. Thank you.

  9. sarah said:

    I have 4 shell prints for sell, I can send pics if needed.