monday green.

so here we are at another Monday. even though I can’t stand them because it’s just another week of work, I have begun to think of Mondays as something refreshing. it’s a chance to get ahead on the week. especially at my job, because lots of spas aren’t open on Mondays. so today I don’t have the Monday blues, I have the Monday green. green is refreshing.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! mine was great and relaxing, but as always, way too short. here’s a recap of my weekend! and happy Monday.

meeting old friends.
eating sushi and drinking sake.
almost beating my boyfriend twice at pool.
berry blast and hawaiian storm.
pretty things from victoria’s secret.
birds with lavender.
graham crackers, key lime pie yogurt, and jeopardy.
giant sunday morning breakfast.
portland browsing.
chilly nights = sweat pants.
cuddling with the windows open.