my suspicions confirmed

today on my lunch break, I went to Wachovia to set up a new bank account. which went well, got it all set, just waiting for the debit card to come in the mail. anyway, on my way back to work, there was major traffic on Howard. who does road construction during lunch hour on a busy street? so after the road blocks, I passed a bunch of cars on the right side. yea I know, not supposed to do that. this asshole in a white truck stopped at the yellow light instead of going through it, so I quickly got into the lane next to him, in the front of the line. I had a feeling that he thought I was going to speed up real quick to try to pass him, which I wasn’t going to do since I was already in my lane. so instead of putting my foot on the accelerator right when the light turned green, I waited a second and eased the gas. sure enough, that jackass peeled out sooo loudly and zoomed out front of the other cars so fast that he looked like an idiot. hehe. and who was he trying to race? little old me? }:)
gotta love the little humorous things.