right brain/left brain

last night at dinner, my boyfriend and I were talking about the difference between right brained people and left brained people. I have always thought of myself as being right brained, but never thought more than that about it. so I decided to do a little research. experiments have shown that the two sides of the brain are responsible for different ways of thinking. the left brain is accountable for logical, sequential, rational, analytical, and objective thinking. left brained people look at things as parts rather than a whole. the right brain is responsible for random, intuitive, holistic, synthesizing, and subjective thoughts. right brained people look at things as a whole rather than taking them in parts. therefore, left brained people focus on logical thinking, analysis, and accuracy. right brained subjects focus on aesthetics, feeling, and creativity.
it’s really interesting to me how one person may fall into one catagory or the other. being more creative, I have always known myself to be more geered by the right side of the brain, but I do notice that I have a few of the characteristics of the left brain. I am creative, and sometimes random, and probably think more subjectively, but I am also good at math, and I can remember numbers very well. tell me a birthday once and I’ll remember it forever.
so, it makes me wonder, do people only have distinct preferences for one side or another? can some people be more “whole-brained” rather than specific to right or left? or maybe the things that I see as thinking with the left brain are really just my intuitive thinking. something to ponder.