since it’s Thanksgiving and all…

I hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day filled with yummy treats and good company! I thought I would list ten things that I am thankful for:

10. opportunity.
09. my amazing and supportive family. they have been more than there for me all my life, and I love them to death.
08. my wonderful boyfriend. the incredible way he makes me feel. he’s my devil. I love him so much.
07. my job. I know I hated it for a long time, but they really have done so much for me. and I have the potential to do so much more.
06. my creativity. without it, I have no idea how I would have graduated college. I might have actually had to take hard sciences or hard maths. just kidding, well….sort of.
05. my musical talents. even though I haven’t touched the keys of a piano for probably over a year. {electric keyboards not included}
04. the ability to cook. and to cook well. I love food. sometimes more than I know what to do with!
03. wine. point blank.
02. the simple fact that 90% of the time, I am genuinely a nice person. example: I would NEVER take someones laundry out of the dryer and put it on the dirty shelf. I’d be courteous and wait. {stupid hooters bitches}
01. my love for life.