why do people always smile for cameras? is it because we’ve been trained that seeing a happy picture makes us feel happier? when did this start? and why do people say “cheese”? why not “sneeeze”? it has the same facial effect.
I havn’t always wondered this, but I just thought about myself in pictures, and half the time when I do smile, I look funny, fake, or cheesy. sometimes I get the dreaded double chin. sometimes I get a good photo, but the bad ones are scary. then, looking back at pictures makes me think about what was happening in my life during the time when the picture was taken. I think about times when I havn’t been happy, or havn’t been satisfied. I wonder if the feeling can be seen through my eyes. lately, though, people have commented that I look different. I look happy, my face looks good, and I don’t have the double chin. could it be that I really am shining my happiness through the photos? in some, I’m not even smiling, but there is a sparkle in my eyes.
so to answer my own question, I don’t think people always need to smile for the camera. I think that the facial expression should show your mood, reguardless of a smile. if we make kissy faces, frown, smirk, grin, smile widely, or scowl, the photo will be at it’s best when we are just being ourselves.