the tea is here!!!

YAY!!!! the tea came yesterday! we ordered three different teas from Rishi like over a week ago. it took forever for them to get here, but finally we have tea! I got a White Tea with Peach, and it takes like orange blossoms and peaches. yum! we also got Moonlight White Tea, and Shade Grown Yerba Mate. now I can’t wait to order tea again.

my boyfriend is so cute. by the time I had come home from work yesterday he had already drank three glasses of tea.

2 Responses to “the tea is here!!!”

  1. Jenny Pilgrim said:

    Last time I had Yerba Mate, I nearly barfed :(

    It’s pretty bitter stuff

  2. sunali. said:

    personally, I think it smells like hay. but I like Guayaki Mate’ Chocolate. add a litte honey and vanilla soy milk, and it’s great!