totally nostalgic

for some reason, the word “spirograph” popped into my head a minute ago. I totally loved the spirograph I had when I was little. where can I find one of these, are they even still made? I want one! I want to create really cool things like I did when I was a kid.
it’s funny to find things that we once played with when we were young and reminisce. it’s even more interesting to relate how we felt about certain things when we were young, compare to how we feel now. for instance, I loved the spirograph when I was young, and even though I was a miny art nerd then, I’m sure I could make some even cooler patterns now.
one time, I went to an antique toy show. I want to go again. I bet I could find a spirograph there.

{image from Flickr}

3 Responses to “totally nostalgic”

  1. Julie said:

    I used to love spirographs too! And the swirl art things! Remember those? I bet you could find the spirographs at like Toys R Us or something…I went to an antique toy show once, also!! Love your blogs! :)

  2. troisiemement said:

    I loved these things! I also dig your birds!

  3. Borda said:

    Try looking for a spirograph at my mom’s house. I think she might still have one. She never gets rid of anything.