it’s that time of year…

I saw this on someone else’s blog and thought I might give it a try. here goes.

01. how was 2006 for you?
in a nutshell, 2006 has been emotional. I’ve laughed, cried, been angry, pouted, and smiled. I’ve learned, I’ve grown, and I’ve even changed. I think back to this time last year. I wasn’t stable, I was full of anxiety, and wasn’t happy with myself and my life. sure, I loved my friends and family, but if I think about it, I really wasn’t 100% happy. I hated my job, I didn’t feel appreciated, and mostly, I hated feeling lonely.
but now, I have grown to where I can appreciate life much more. I’m more concious about my health, I have started eating much better, I’m taking vitamins everyday, I don’t really drink that much, and I’m going to the gym, occasionally. I’ve grown to actually like my job. and, most of all, I have found someone, who I can stand still with. I’ve found someone who compliments me in every way possible. people say I’m glowing. as a matter of fact, I am totally glowing with happieness.

02. what was the highlight of your year?

03. what did you want to acccomplish that you didn’t get to?
I still havn’t started my business. I’ve been talking about “doing something” for so long now, and I havn’t. actually, it makes me mad how much I’ve been procrastinating. I know I talk about this alot, but come on. what’s it going to take for me to actually start something?

04. what are you planning for 2007?
oh man….what am I not planning? I’ve got so many ideas, plans, thoughts, visions. the big move in, hopeful business plans, kitties, and portland. so many ideas, so little time!!!!! oh yea, and I’m also going to work really REALLY hard to break the old habits and pick up some new ones. (ie cheek – bad, gym – good)