meet moose!

the newest addition to our apartment. he’s a black fur ball with tons of energy. it was tough to keep him still long enough to take his picture. but we watched a movie tonight, and the entire time he was sleeping on his back, purring.

now let’s see how much sleep I get tonight. :)

One Response to “meet moose!”

  1. Borda said:

    I got Lacey the best Christmas toys. I got her a wand that has a 4 ft. string on the end with a sparkly toy on the end of that. It’s better than the wand with feathers on the end. She loves to play with it and we love it because we can sit on the couch and tease her. I also got her a toy that hangs on the back of a door and has a bouncy string with a toy at the end. That ones good because she can play by herself. You should check them out, they’re both from PetSmart.