project ’07

the time has come again to say hello to a new year. a new year means a chance for a new you. or as it applies to most people, a chance at a resolution. I’m not going to list a bunch of ways in which I think to improve myself, because I think that my life is pretty darn great right now. but I will list some ways in which to improve my well being, in hopes to make a great life, even better.

05. I will go to the gym. I will, I will, I WILL. even in the morning.

04. I will stop eating sweets, except for only on special occasions or treats.

03. I will stop my unneccessary cheek biting. it’s a bad habit and it does no good.

02. I will keep in touch, whether it be a phone call, an email, or simply a little suprise “box” in the mail. (hehe…..the box will be neat!)

01. and lastly, but not least, I will be more concious of how I’m treating others. as someone wise once said, “treat others as you would want them to treat yourself.”

be well in 2007. see ya next year!