simple things

“teach us delight in simple things…” Rudyard Kipling

the last page of Country Living Magazine is called “simple country pleasures” and always has some pretty things along with an inspiring quote. The quote from the January 2007 magazine made me smile. not only because I remember Rudyard Kipling stories from when I was a little kid, but also because this is part of my mantra. I always say, it’s the little things that make a difference. smiling at someone, just at the time when they need it most, or giving a gift straight from the heart, totally selflessly. at this time of year, it’s the little things that you do for others that not only brighten up their day, but also make us feel a little giddy.
last week, we had our company holiday party. every year, we get a gift for my boss and her husband. well this year, we also decided that we needed to get a gift for our accountant, whom without, we would probably have no business. he pretty much is our backbone, and we wanted to give him a little extra something special. our gift to him simply made his day. I don’t think it would’ve mattered if we gave him coal, he would have still been glowing.
this photo is one of my favorite “simple things”. my boyfriend holds my hand all the time, but everytime it makes me smile. it’s the little things in life.

{photo from Flickr}