Monthly Archives: January 2007


apron hunting

I’ve wanted an apron for some time now, and I think I’ve found the perfect one! the problem in the hunt was that I couldn’t find one that was full length and super cute. most of the aprons I found were either ugly or only half ones, like little skirts. I don’t know about you, but when I’m cooking, I get stuff on my shirt, not on my pants. this one is from Anthropologie {of course} and I really like it. now, the only other dilemma is, being white, will I stain it all up from my messy cooking?


birthday shopping

one of my birthday gifts from my mom was a Pier One gift certificate. I don’t usually do much shopping at Pier One, but I needed a new lamp, and I wanted a sake set! the lamp is awesome and looks gorgeous in the apartment. last night we ordered take out sushi and bought a bottle of nigori sake, which was excellent, and had a nice dinner and a movie in. of course I got tired and fell asleep during the movie, but that just means we have something to watch tonight! but the sushi was great and the new sake set is fun!


I love surprises!!

I love doing special things for special people. and I love keeping secrets and not spoiling the surprise. eek!

here’s a hint: three things the surprise will be, one is delightful and serene.


key holes

this is one of my favorite things about our apartment. this is on the door that goes into the walk-in closet/bathroom area. the building that we live in was built in the 1920’s. it’s interesting to me to think of all the people that have been in the building, or spirits that might be still. I wonder if anyone has keys to these doors. they are so old, and painted over numerous times, that I’m sure the keys would not work. but still, it makes me curious. other interesting things about our apartment are the painted shut windows in the bathroom, the door at the end of the kitchen, that until I forced it open one night, did not open, the shifts in the foundation which have left our kitchen totally slanted, and the mysterious 4th floor door.



my two favorite men on Gasparilla morning!

oh Gasparilla….how I love thee? Gasparilla is basically the invasion of pirates into Tampa Bay, after they kidnap the mayor and steal the key to the city, they pillage the streets throwing beads and shooting cannons. it was a fun time yesterday! we had some people over for breakfast yesterday morning. we had yummy mimosas, eggs, bacon, and sausage, aka the breakfast of champions. then we met up with some other friends and walked to the parade. we were able to find a good spot to catch beads. my boyfriend caught lots!! he had fun for his first Gasparilla experience. everything was great except for the headache at 9:30 last night.


more birthday for me!

mmmmmmmmm…… this is what he slaved over all day today. my delicious red velvet birthday cake!!! it is so wonderful. I expecially loved the happy birthday candles. they were an added bonus. not only is my boyfriend the best boyfriend ever, but he bakes!! {in a rugged way}
I love you babe, and thanks to everyone who made my birthday special. each of you did it in your own way, and I appreciate everything.