birthday shopping

one of my birthday gifts from my mom was a Pier One gift certificate. I don’t usually do much shopping at Pier One, but I needed a new lamp, and I wanted a sake set! the lamp is awesome and looks gorgeous in the apartment. last night we ordered take out sushi and bought a bottle of nigori sake, which was excellent, and had a nice dinner and a movie in. of course I got tired and fell asleep during the movie, but that just means we have something to watch tonight! but the sushi was great and the new sake set is fun!

One Response to “birthday shopping”

  1. Borda said:

    I love it! You would pick such a modern looking lamp. Now you have to take Saki Bombs where you balance the cup on the edge of your glass of Japanese beer then hit the table. It makes a mess, but it’s so much fun. Just make sure you pad the table so you don’t break your beautiful Sake cups!