cool restaurant: bleu cafe – valdosta, ga

we just stopped to grab some lunch in downtown Valdosta. I had seen a sign on the interstate that mentioned that downtown was historic, so immediately I thought of vintage, antiques, old buildings and bricks. most everything was closed, however, due to it being Sunday afternoon, though we found a really cute restaurant called Bleu Cafe. the interior was decorated in dark chocolate brown, pale turquoise and light tan, with a splash of coral red. very swanky and modern looking. the menu offered everything from bistro style pizzas and eclectic soft tacos to colorful salads and chicken fingers. I ordered the spinach salad which has strawberries, proscuitto, goat cheese and a balsamic reduction dressing. my boyfriend had two soft tacos. one was a sliced brisket with caramelized red onions and a creamy red pepper sauce, and the other was pork with a jalepeno coleslaw. we ate everything on the entire plate. it wasn’t too far off the interstate, maybe only 3 miles. good prices, great food, and great service. I will definitely eat there again while passing through Valdosta. 5 thumbs up.
{photo from Valdosta Daily Times}

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  1. Borda said:

    That looks like so much fun. Charlie’s dad is from near there in Macon, GA and his Uncle Eddie still live there. He was at my wedding, but I doubt you remember him. He’s bald and gave a toast if that helps. Anyways, maybe if we ever make it there we’ll check out the Bleu Cafe.