google freak

I’m just curious, how many people have Google as their homepage? I have become so accustom to searching for things on Google, that if I did not have it set up as my homepage, I would be totally lost. I have my email, news, blog, calendar, and weather all set up on the personalized Google page. I think it’s great. though, people actually make fun of me because I Google everything. forget the main character in the movie you saw last week? want to know who wrote the song that’s been swirling around your head? need a cure for the hiccups? I’ll “google” it. I’ve even “googled” myself before.
anyone else out there a Google weirdo like myself?

One Response to “google freak”

  1. alyson.borda said:

    Google is not my home page, my email is, but that may be because I haven’t figured out how to make a link to my email from google. I do google everything though. I have googled myself before. Borda.com used to be the British Off-Road Driving Association’s website (no joke), but now it’s the Borda family’s website. Sadly, they require a password to enter the site and I don’t know it.