road trip: leg 2

on the road again!! we stayed the night last night at my mother’s house in Terrace Park, Ohio, and now, after a little detour finding our way back to the interstate, we are headed to Chattanooga. the stay at my mom’s house was very nice. too short though. I had not seen her since September of 2005! so it was good to see her. and the dogs! she has two German Shepards that are the cutest they can be and love to play. my boyfriend did very well playing with them, he threw the tennis balls over and over and over!!
so now we are on our way to Chattanooga, and what do you know, it’s still raining. boo! I can’t stand driving in the rain, and we still can’t take any pictures of anything cool. hopefully the weather will be nice in Chattanooga. we are still not sure what we will be doing, but hopefully we will find something cool.

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  1. Borda said:

    Awe, Sherilynn! I love your mom! I know you were so glad to get to see her. I expect to see a picture of the 2 of you from the visit. Somehow it’s hard for me to picture your mom having dogs. I’m just so used to her with Maggie, Marlow, and Bouli (sp?). Was the dog you had when you were a kid a German Shepard?