road trip: leg 3

here we are on the last leg of the trip. we are heading down I-75 on our way back to Tampa. we are about 1 hour from Atlanta still, having just left Chattanooga. Chattanooga was pretty cool. we stayed at a very nice hotel right off the interstate. last night, we headed into downtown riverfront, and went to a microbrewery, called Big River, for dinner. the beers were ok, nothing to rave about, but we did enjoy the Imperial 375 Pale Ale. a bit floral, with a nice finish. after dinner, we walked around the downtown area for a while, then came across this little hole in the wall bar called The Hair of the Dog. the bartenders were all girls, and they were ALL stressed, and it wasn’t even that busy! maybe two people max waiting for a beer. ha, I’d like to see them survive at Mac Dintons on Friday night. we found an upstairs outside deck, which was very nice. just as I mentioned to my boyfriend that the weather was very nice, I heard a girl at the table next to us say in her thick Tennessee drawl, “it’s so hot outside tonight!” it was 60 degrees.
this has been a very good trip, filled with excitement and laughter. we are tired though, and ready to go home. I’m ready to see Moose!! I bet he misses us. so, until then….