Monthly Archives: February 2007


speaking of sleep…

while browsing the Free People blog today, I saw these adorable, almost too pretty to sleep in, pajamas. it’s a trend I’ve been noticing with pajamas. me, I’m a t-shirt kind of girl, maybe even no t-shirt. I can’t stand little things pulling or tugging at me while I’m sleeping, and I can’t image trying to sleep in these bloomers! they are more like sleep-over pjs. still way cute though.


coconut water!!

mmm mmm good! the other day when we were at Fresh Market, dlb and I decided to try zico coconut water. it is so good, and refreshing and packed with more potassium than a banana. it comes in three flavors, mango, passionfruit/orangepeel, and natural coconut.
I was craving a zico today, and to my surprise, they did not have it at Wild Oats. {I should’ve figured. I should still be boycotting that place…..} I even checked at the gas station, hoping they would have it. but that was wishful thinking. so, on the way home, dlb turned the wrong way on Mac Dill, away from our apartment, and I was like, where are you going?? I seriously thought that he was just lost, and forgot his way home. until we turned into Fresh Market…. for a zico!!!!! oh, the things you’ll do because of love. :)



do you ever feel like, you’ve got so much going on in your life, but yet you can’t think of anything to write/talk/blog about? sometimes I just wish I had a quiet room that I could go into, at least once a day, to write. I think my biggest attraction to blogging is that writing helps me think about things, and make things clearer. but…I’m having bloggers block. so, here are a few things I’m excited/loving/thinking about:
my sexy devil.
vacation days.
radiohead – the bends. {how did I ever miss out on this cd?}
new music/concerts.
mountains and rocky coastline.
chicken salad.
moose kitty.
gig posters.
framboise and apple beer.
five months.
{the picture above is the Pacific Coastline near Vancouver, WA taken by my dad’s friend.}


happy weekend!!

it’s Saturday! and in my world that means sleeping in, yummy breakfast, and relaxation! I hope everyone had a great work week. I had……. an OK week. not the greatest, but not absolutely horrible.
now, events for today!! feel like drinking lots of beer? the Florida Brewers Guild Beer Fest is in Centro Ybor today from 2-6pm. over 100 craft beers, live music, food and fun! should be a good time, but I’m really going to have to work on pacing myself if I want to make it to round two of the events for today.
The Postmarks, just released their debut self titled album, and it’s already a chart topper. described as having heart swooning melodies, this is definitely a show not to miss before these guys make it big. the voice of leading female singer, Tim, is soft and meloncholy. should be a great show! 9pm at New World Brewery. above is a gig poster I created for the show.


zero 7

have I ever mentioned how much I love Zero 7? I’m like alomst to the point of being addicted to their music. it’s so soothing, yet intricate and unique. and…I’m in love with the song, Spinning. it’s got a perfect melody and great lyrics. if you havn’t listened to Zero 7 much, I would recommend getting one of the albums. I like Simple Things the best.



Inspired by the colors and textures of nature, Livinglass is laminated architectural glass, which captures organic materials within luminous sheets of clear glass. I love the organic look of the glass combined with the bright colors and soft feel.
{all images from livinglass}


cut again.

ok, for those of you who know me well, you know that I’m slightly anal about my hair. when I’m having a “bad hair day” it looks just the same to everyone else, but looks like an unruly mess to me. so, when I noticed that my hair was slightly longer on one side after I got it cut, I went back to the salon to get it fixed. I told my hair dresser I wanted to fix it up, annnnnnnnnd trim it a little more. :) I cut about another inch and a half cut off.
I don’t remember the last time my hair was this short, but I needed something new. after turning 25, I really decided to reevaluate my life an things I wanted to change. and one thing was my hair style. after 10 years with the same hairstyle, I thought it was time for something new. I’ll get a picture when I can.