beer snob

I would consider myself to be an average connesuier of wine. I took a wine course in college, I have been to tastings, and I am able to pick a wine based on food parings. I know a lot about the characteristics of wine regions, but I could not, however, tell you that this wine is a 2002 vintage from from the Graves region of Bordeaux or that the Shiraz you’re drinking is from South Australia. it’s difficult to keep up with wine snobs and to feel accepted in a wine community full of over zealous wine freaks. that is why I choose to be a beer snob.
beer is much more complex than I ever thought. I used to wash my palate down with Miller Light after Miller Light, and actually enjoyed the taste. ask me my opinion two years ago, and I would tell you, Miller Light was my beer of choice and I hated the taste of Guiness. I could name enough beers to play the alphabet game with beer as a category, but I had no idea what IPA meant, or what a microbrewery was, or that Belgium beers came in 4 basic styles. I was content drinking can after can of Miller Light. now, I would consider myself to be somewhat of a beer snob. and it’s a whole hell of a lot cooler than being a wine snob. I’ve met beer snobs and they are much more laid back, flip flop wearing, shirts untucked, and messy hair people, as compared to the stuffy wine people who all remind me of Fraiser. being a beer snob, I go to bars where I know there is good beer, I can’t stand drinking anything “light”, and I actually ordered a Guiness at a bar on Saturday night. (guiness + frambroise = delightful)
now that our beer book has just over 60 beers in it, I think I’m well on my way to becoming a beer snob. a few of my favorites to date are: Duvel, Dunedin Apricot Peach Ale, Rogue Dead Guy Ale, Bells Hop Slam, and Great Lakes Holy Moses White Ale. check them out!