coconut water!!

mmm mmm good! the other day when we were at Fresh Market, dlb and I decided to try zico coconut water. it is so good, and refreshing and packed with more potassium than a banana. it comes in three flavors, mango, passionfruit/orangepeel, and natural coconut.
I was craving a zico today, and to my surprise, they did not have it at Wild Oats. {I should’ve figured. I should still be boycotting that place…..} I even checked at the gas station, hoping they would have it. but that was wishful thinking. so, on the way home, dlb turned the wrong way on Mac Dill, away from our apartment, and I was like, where are you going?? I seriously thought that he was just lost, and forgot his way home. until we turned into Fresh Market…. for a zico!!!!! oh, the things you’ll do because of love. :)