fresh face

I have been looking for a new facial cleanser with natural ingredients for some time now. I have been using a Biotin shampoo, organic body wash, and organic toothpaste, but had not yet found a good facial cleanser. yesterday I bought Collective Wellbeing Rosemary and Sage Cleansing Cream and the Weightless moisturizer. I LOVE them. they leave my face feeling great, and not tight as most products do. I have very dry skin, and most products dry out my face to the point where it stings or burns. Collective Wellbeing has many products for a variety of facial conditions. I also purchased a new powder from Zuzu Luxe that has natural ingredients such as herbs and minerals to keep my face looking fresh. it’s great! my face feels fresh. it looks fresh. and is super soft too.

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  1. Borda said:

    I know you were looking for something all natural, but I use clean and clear’s astringent for sensitive skin and it works fine for me. I started using it in high school because MO has really sensitive skin and that’s what my mom bought. When I was dating Peter, I tried using the normal version of the same product and found it dried out my skin. So, if you’re looking for something not all natural or organic (and probably cheaper) you might try that.