do you ever feel like, you’ve got so much going on in your life, but yet you can’t think of anything to write/talk/blog about? sometimes I just wish I had a quiet room that I could go into, at least once a day, to write. I think my biggest attraction to blogging is that writing helps me think about things, and make things clearer. but…I’m having bloggers block. so, here are a few things I’m excited/loving/thinking about:
my sexy devil.
vacation days.
radiohead – the bends. {how did I ever miss out on this cd?}
new music/concerts.
mountains and rocky coastline.
chicken salad.
moose kitty.
gig posters.
framboise and apple beer.
five months.
{the picture above is the Pacific Coastline near Vancouver, WA taken by my dad’s friend.}

One Response to “mmm….”

  1. Borda said:

    What about me? Aren’t you glad I’m in town again??? We should make plans for dinner soon!