things I’ve been wondering…

• why are people so concerned with the opinions of others?
• why does my kitten always land on his feet when propelled across the room?
• if cats aren’t capable of self regognition, then how can my kitten recognize me?
• why does my hair look great some days, but the awful on others, when I have the same hair routine every day?
• how long does it take to forget things?
• why won’t my boyfriend give me that incredibly sexy picture of him to brag about on my blog?
• how can I gain access to turbo when ever I want it?
• could I really live without a cell phone?

over and out…

One Response to “things I’ve been wondering…”

  1. alyson.borda said:

    Maybe the cat recognition thing has something to do with the mysterious look they get on their faces when they see themselves in the mirror.