Monthly Archives: March 2007


I’m armed.

I decided, with the major changes come up in my life, it was about time that I get down to business. as recommended by Sarah of favourito, I purchased The Anti 9-5 Guide, which is a really interesting book about living and working outside of the cubicle. I’ve only begun reading it, but so far, I’m very intrigued. yesterday I went to Pearl and purchased two new sketchbooks. I’m so into yellow these days, so it’s not surprising that when I saw this yellow linen sketch book, I knew I had to have it. I also bought a sketch-note pad, which is pretty cool, it’s got lines on half of the page, and blank paper on the other half. and of course some new pencils, pens, and eraser.
now, I’m off to create. :)


weekend dresses.

happy friday! finally!!! I hope that everyone has something wonderful planned for this weekend. I’ve got movies and white ale on the mind.
I’ve decided one thing every girl must have is the pefrect “weekend dress”. the best thing about a weekend dress is it’s ability to go from casual to dressy. I love the bright colors and delicate graphic prints of these three dresses. left: J. Crew, middle: Anthropologie, right: Urban Outfitters.

{images from J. Crew, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters}

innocent love

every morning on my way to work, I see this classic car, an 1950’s Ford Deluxe. I wonder about the person who drives it, what they look like, how they act. and it’s always gone by the time I get home at the end of the day. there is just something about it that draws my attention. this morning as I drove past it, I noticed two yellow-orange roses placed gently on the windshield. I thought about how sweet it was, and it really got me thinking about the simple things we do for love. it’s about doing things out of the blue, it’s about selfless actions. it’s gently pushing her hair out of her eyes, or fixing his collar. it’s finding roses on your car, finding him a first edition print of fight club, or waking up to breakfast in bed. it’s the things that make us smile, even if for just a moment. I love the unexpectedness of the roses. it may have been the driver’s birthday, a sign for good luck, or a simple gesture to say thank you. whatever it may have been, it showed signs of innocent love.


not your average tiles

I love seeing different approaches to typical decorating. lately I’ve been seeing quite a few advertisements in magazines for tiles. Basazza, a company out of Italy, has some of the most amazing work that I have seen. the irredescent patterns mixed with matte color are gorgeous!
{images from Basazza}
{thanks babe!}



Tastespotting is described as “a visual filteration of great taste”. it’s like a posterboard of pictures of food for ideas and inspiration. photos are submitted by random people from sites that they love, and are placed on the virtual wall. it’s a prety neat concept, and total eye candy! after browsing through a couple of the pages, I was already armed with new cooking and presentation ideas. I love these lasagne noodles rolled up! and I love the delicate ribbon tired around the giant cookie. it makes me want to bake cookies and mash ice cream in between them. it’s so artistic looking.

{images from Tastespotting}