going against your mind

it really is amazing how much music impacts our lives. I often feel as though I have a personal soundtrack dictating my every move. I tend to listen to my ipod on random while I’m at work, and occasionally a song will come up that I havn’t heard in a long time. it’s such a good feeling to hear a song that I havn’t listened to in awhile. some songs were so over played on my ipod that I just kind of stopped listening to them, simply because I didn’t want to tire them out. Going Against Your Mind by Built to Spill just came on my ipod, and oh, the things it reminds me of…… cool nights driving in the old Jimmy, dancing or rather bouncing to the beat of it, that first feeling of love…. now I’m giddy with my thoughts.
{side note: a gorgeous Bramhs Intermezzo is now playing in the background. just to give a snippet of information about my random music tastes. I heart classical piano music.}