happy friday!!

ah….it’s Friday. it’s been a hellofa week and there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been so tired waking up every morning this week, so I’m glad to sleep in tomorrow morning… I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!!! if you’re drinking this weekend, my mission for you is to go out and order a good beer rather than a Bud Light. if you’re not drinking, eat a meal where you try something new. eating sushi? try the quail eggs…
things that made me happy this week: my doodles at work which now adorn my desk. snuggling with my man last night. falling asleep without intentions of falling asleep. dinner with a great friend. gig poster madness. a better week at work. spaghetti.

One Response to “happy friday!!”

  1. alyson.borda said:

    You would not be proud of me Friday night. I drank a whole lot of Bud Lights. {:)