I’m armed.

I decided, with the major changes come up in my life, it was about time that I get down to business. as recommended by Sarah of favourito, I purchased The Anti 9-5 Guide, which is a really interesting book about living and working outside of the cubicle. I’ve only begun reading it, but so far, I’m very intrigued. yesterday I went to Pearl and purchased two new sketchbooks. I’m so into yellow these days, so it’s not surprising that when I saw this yellow linen sketch book, I knew I had to have it. I also bought a sketch-note pad, which is pretty cool, it’s got lines on half of the page, and blank paper on the other half. and of course some new pencils, pens, and eraser.
now, I’m off to create. :)


One Response to “I’m armed.”

  1. Sarah said:

    It’s cool that you got the book. Thank you so much for linking back to me. I gotta say, I’m loving your blog. How do you find out about all of the fabulous things you post about?! And your little posts about dlb really make me smile. Cheers :)