“live for eachother”
this was the quote on my tea bag this morning. I drink Yogi Green Chai Tea occasionally, and each tea bag has an inspiring quote from Yogi Bhajan, the real yogi behind Yogi Tea. In 1969, Yogi Bhajan came to America to teach the techniques of Kundalini yoga and Ayurvedic living. I find some of his quotes to be very inspiring. like this one. live for eachother. it’s a nice thought to know that ultimately you live for yourself, and benefit yourself by working out, eating right, being happy, and staying healthy. but our actions affect everyone we pass in our lives. so if you think about it, by doing one thing for yourself, you may be inspiring another. my boyfriend hasn’t always lived as healthy as he lives now, and he was originally inspired by a friend to start working out, eating more healthy, and to stay fit. this isn’t to say that if he hadn’t met this friend, that he wouldn’t have worked out. ultimately, I do things for myself, to make myself look and feel better, but I feel as though, if it weren’t for his desire to be healthy, I would not be as healthy as I am today. I look at myself a year ago, and I tried to eat pretty healthy then, but I was partying a lot, staying out late, eating fatty foods, and not going to the gym. now I am taking vitamins and supplements everyday to imporve my health, I use mostly organic and natural products without dangerous chemicals, I work out, I have pretty much elliminated sweets from my diet, and I feel 1000% better about my self than I ever have.

so think about things a little differently today. live while thinking about the benefits of others. smile a little more. pass on your favorite healthy dinner. listen to what someone has to say, with open ears. pay attention to details. live for eachother’s happiness.

{fyi: last night I bought some vanilla soymilk creamer and made a chai latte this morning. it is so delicious!}