inspired by a survey

• it was so hard getting out of bed this morning without the sun pouring into my windows.
• the last movie I watched was Everything is Illuminated.
• my favorite TV show is Jeopardy.
• I eat oatmeal with apricots and cinnamon for breakfast every morning.
• I’ve eating quail eggs and I’m starting to really enjoy eel.
• there aren’t many foods I dislike, but I can’t stand cauliflower, canned peas, or cilantro.
• I make the best black bean guacamole.
• lately, these cd’s have been playing non-stop on my ipod: frou frou – details, andrew bird – armchair apocrypha, modest mouse – we were dead before the ship even sank, the shins – wincing the night away, the most serene republic – underwater cinematographer.
• I could eat the heck out of a Monte Cristo from Wrights any day.
• I can’t stand superficial people.
• my favorite jeans have a big hole in the thigh that started as a tiny hole.
• my dream vacation includes hardwood floors, linen curtains, tranquil blue waters, sandy beaches, quiet breezes, and him.
• Caracas looks absolutely incredible.
• I could easliy spend alot of my hard earned money at Anthropologie.
• my favorite time of day is right before the sun hits the horizon, and the sky is filled with a million colors.
• I’m more of a day owl.
• I always wanted to be an artist.
• I heart tulips.
• lately, I have been enjoying yellow more.

2 Responses to “inspired by a survey”

  1. Paris said:

    Thanks for the music tips, I downloaded these albums and now they are playing for me nonstop too!