march first

what is with this week? is it just me, or has it draaaaggged on for what seems like forever? I can not believe that today is only thursday. it’s like, sometimes you find yourself suspended in time, but then again, I can’t believe today is already March 1. it makes me wonder if there are things that I’m supposed to be doing while the time is inching along. {like finishing my portfolio site??}
on a side note, I’ve been listening to the Beatles album, Love, this morning, and wow. I don’t think I ever realized how much of an impact the Beatles had on music today. I mean, these songs were created in the 60’s, and I hear many similarities with today’s music. granted, this album is remixed, remade versions of the greatest hits for a Cirque Du Soleil soundtrack. but still…. and the best part is, it puts me into a good mood!!