oh the imagery!

I posted about the new Anthropologie Home Book earlier today, though I hadn’t had a chance to really click through it until just now. my heart is actually beating a little bit faster. with every turn of the page, I found something I loved even more. I especially love the bird’s eye view photography throughout the catalog.
in this image, I absolutely adore the vintage map cluttered with notes and what I only dream to be travel inspirations. the oversized letter is so perfectly nestled up against the headboard, and that bird print, floral chair….so charming! if only Anthropologie were a little more “man-friendly” {and put a slightly smaller dent in my wallet}, this catalog would simply outfit my home.
{images from Anthropologie}

One Response to “oh the imagery!”

  1. Sarah said:

    Love it! If only Anthropologie were available in NZ! But I’m with you, my wallet is probably happier that it’s not…