pinwheels and martha stewart

Martha Stewart Living has a new website! I had never really browsed Martha Stewart’s previous online site, though I hear that the new one is more organized, more colorful, and much much cooler. a blog post on decor8 yesterday, prompted me to check it out. there are a lot of good ideas, and I’m sure when I have more time to browse, I’ll find even more. and thanks to Holly from decor8 for the link to the pinwheels!! I heart them.
{images from Martha Stewart Living}

{update: just a little fyi, I just found out that the site has a section of natural health remedies for colds, allergies, etc. I’ve been trying not to medicate myself too much, and I always knew there were natural remedies, though never tried anything. the site lays out the typical medication compared with the natural remedy and it’s benefits. very helpful!}