some might call it "spring cleaning"

I’m what some might call a “collector”. I tend to “collect” lots of magazines in which I dog-ear the pages of things that I want to remember and go back to later, but usually I never go back to it later. today I finally went through a huge stack of magazines, went to the dog-eared pages and ripped them out. now, I have less of a stack of magazines cluttering up the apartment. {and I’m taking them out to the recycling, even better!} instead, I have a stack of magazine rip outs, fluttering all over the coffee table. :) at least I’m making progress!
if you haven’t yet picked up Living Etc., it’s a fabulous magazine anyone who enjoys home decor and modern home advice.

3 Responses to “some might call it "spring cleaning"”

  1. Paris said:

    I really like Domino magazine for the same purpose. And today, I thumbed through a new magazine called Blueprint, which I believe is Martha Stewart’s attempt to appeal to the younger, hipper home-decorating set.

    it seemed pretty cool

  2. sunali. said:

    Paris – Domino is my favorite!! I just got a subscription for it and I was so excited when the first issue came in the mail.
    Blueprint is pretty exciting, being a new magazine. and the added bonus, I love how they have fashion alongside the home decor. and I love the “Rain Gear” section in the last issue…and those Wellies!!! :)

  3. Sherilynn said:

    Did you see the article about Pier 1 in Domino contributing home furnishings for apartments fixed up for AIDS patient?