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look what the postman delivered!

I opened up my mailbox after getting home from work today, and this pretty little package sat waiting for me. Emily, my swap partner for the mellow + yellow swap hosted by Marta, sent me some gorgeous things, all in yellow! yellow has really been my color lately. I’ve loved and wanted everything yellow that I’ve seen. in my package was a wonderful set of lip glosses, all boxed up in a cute yellow box, an A for me to hang on the wall, and, my favorite, the most adorable yellow rose earrings! Emily, you did well! I love letters on the wall. I love cutesy earrings. I love wearing a little hint of shine and color. and lately, I’ve really loved yellow! thanks so much to Emily for the wonderful gift, and Marta for hostessing this wonderful swap!



this is what I sent my swap partner, Emily. she received her package on Friday. thanks for the sweet commentary on the package, Emily! I’m so glad you liked it. I loved her description of the mini seasonal pocket journals. she calls them, “pint-sized, perfectly practical, pocket journals”. she plans to use them to write special things that happen each spring, summer, fall, or winter. how cute!
I can’t wait to get mine…I’m sure it’s lovely!
{image from Emily. I forgot to take a picture before I boxed it up!}


lands end beach towels

Lands End’s towels are always really big, and super soft. when I was a little girl, we always had beach towels from Lands End, so naturally when I saw these towels in the new issue of domino yesterday, I got a little nostalgic. I’m always a sucker for polka dots, therefore I instantly fell in love. is having a red polka dotted beach towel, and a red polka dotted bikini taking polka dots too far? :)
{images from lands end}


monday again…

oh Monday, why are the weekends so short? I’m sleepy.
but I had a wonderful weekend filled with many things to make me smile.
simple indulgences.
red & white and black & blue.
moose fetches.
my sparkling clean car and new flips. thanks babe!
checking out my poster at Crow Bar.
wheat free blueberry/raspberry waffles.
the new domino arrives in my mailbox.
being silly.


zero 7

I’m DYING to see Zero 7 in concert. just dying. and this video, the way the sun is oh-so-perfectly shining on Sia’s face is amazing. Zero 7 is amazing. and this song is amazing. please, Zero 7, return to Bumbershoot this year…


partick robinson for target

oh my goodness, I couldn’t be more excited for the release of the new line for Target’s International Go Collection. I love the look of line by newest edition, Patrick Robinson. it’s super cute and casual with little feminine details. I especially love the linen tie shorts! the line is set to be released in stores Summer 2007.
{via people style watch, images from target}