about time.

I’ve been thinking about posting this for a long time now, I just never actually got around to it. after seeing a post on decor8 a few weeks ago about “how we feel about our blog” I got to thinking about it. why do I blog? for me, blogging is my chance to reach out and share my thoughts. whenever I’ve felt down, needed a pick me up, or just couldn’t find the right way to say something, I’ve resorted to writing. actually, I resorted to typing. before I even knew what a blog was, I had a journal on my computer. maybe it was that I’ve always been on the fence with my handwriting, or maybe it’s that having a file hidden on my computer made it harder for someone to stumble upon, but whatever it was, typing just felt better for me. then last year, I discovered blogging. at the time I had a myspace account, and my blogs were simply thoughts, or random musings, jammed into the pages of my account. I didn’t post pictures, or things that I liked, I just posted my thoughts. it was nice to go back and read what I wrote, and reflect on how I felt at the time. but then people started reading, and taking interest. and it felt good.

so to answer the question, I blog because it makes me feel good. I enjoy sharing things I find. I enjoy posting little snippets of color. I enjoy making new friends. and I enjoy expressing myself. thank you for reading and enjoying my unruly.things.

4 Responses to “about time.”

  1. Anonymous said:

    I enjoy reading all your posts and especially your taste in fabrics-posters-colors your site is a timesaver since you seem to surf around and encapsulate your finds for others to enjoy.. Keep it going!

  2. ali said:

    I heart your unruly.things. Thanks for such a thoughtful post. I’m going to try and journal a little more on my blog, too.

    Blogging sure is a funny thing, but I love getting to make new friends like you.

    Have a happy weekend.

  3. Sarah said:

    Well thank you Alyson for sharing your unruly.things!
    I am always astounded that you find so many new gorgeous things to blog about every day. It’s a joy reading your blog and getting to know you.
    Since I started my blog I have been interacting with so many new and cool people and I have to admit I do find it a teensy bit weird doing all of this over a computer and not having met any of you you know? But I am truly loving it!

  4. alyson. said:

    it is funny. all of my non-blogging friends don’t get how I can have blog friends whom I’ve never met, but read about everyday.