the album leaf

as another side job, I design posters for aestheticized presents, an indie music promotion team here in Tampa, FL. this is my latest gig poster. I created the poster in 4 different colors, from which a snazzy color changing gif was made. check out the poster here.
the Album Leaf, a great sounding alternative electronic band from San Diego, California, is heading to The Crowbar on May 7. sure to be a fabulous show. I’m hoping to get myself there for a Monday night show, because these guys are sure to be great. check out details about the show and other great upcoming gigs here.

update: the album leaf do have a website, though I think the tracks are best on the myspace page. the website can be found here.

One Response to “the album leaf”

  1. Sarah said:

    The music sounds great. I’ll have to check it out. Do they have a website. Love the posters too. You’re talented kid!