a few answers:

• do you like your handwriting?: sometimes…it can be super messy and sometimes I leave out letters by accident when writing in cursive.
• do you keep a journal?: I used to keep one, but then I discovered blogging.
• what is your favorite cereal?: I eat oatmeal with apricots every morning for breakfast, but when I’m feeling a little giddy I eat french vanilla almond granola with yogurt.
• do you think you’re strong?: yes, emotionally and physically. and I’m getting even stronger!
• what is your favorite ice cream flavor?: mint choco chip. oh ice cream…how I miss thee.
• what is the least thing you like about yourself?: probably my negativity.
• what shoes are you wearing right now?: my rainbow flip flops.
• what are you listening to right now?: my nano is on random, but right now Bird on a Wire by Rouge Wave is playing.
• if you were a crayon color, which color would you be?: wasn’t there a color called Macaroni and Cheese? that would be fun… or Sunshine Yellow.
• what is the first thing you notice about people you are attracted to?: eyes. in his case, it was those giant blue eyes.
• absolute favorite item of clothing: my cropped sweats from ruehl. so comfortable!
• topping my playlists are: arcade fire. aloha. andrew bird. death cab. frou frou. keane. junior boys. modest mouse. radiohead. rogue wave. the shins. zero 7.
• favorite food: I love food… sushi. pizza. pears. pluots. almonds. edamame. shrimp. {only to name a few. there is no way I could list all of my favorites!}
• favorite sounds: waves hitting the shore. breezes through an open window. little birds chirping. my kitten purring. zero 7.
• favorite dessert: strawberries with home-made whipped cream.
• favorite drink: alcoholic: great lakes brewing – holy moses white or dogfish head – 90 minute ipa. non-alcoholic: coconut water or plain old water.
• favorite color: navy blue or yellow.