happy easter!

I hope everyone has a very nice easter! today, enjoy everything from easter basket goodies and honey ham, to egg hunts and spending time with loved ones. dlb and I will be feasting at my grandmother’s house. she’s so cute and excited that she has set up an easter egg hunt for us! happy easter!
{image from Williams Sonoma}

2 Responses to “happy easter!”

  1. little odd forest said:

    Happy Easter, Alyson!

    I’m impressed with your portfolio, especially your illustration posters! Really nice job done! But you should know that already ;)


  2. Borda said:

    My mom had an Easter Egg Hunt for Ramsay and me. She told someone Sat night that we were having one and they go, “Does your sister have kids?” I guess it’s not normal to drink mimosa’s while hunting for Easter eggs, but it was fun.