i want, i need, i have

I want:
time to speed up and slow down all at once.
to bake a cheesecake.
to go to the beach and wear my new red polka dot bikini.
a new pair of shoes.
a gigantic scoop of oreo ice cream.

I need:
to have more patience.
these 63 weekdays to be over.
to come up with a plan and stick to it.
a big box of crayons.
to learn to conquer bad moods.

I have:
to buy a journal and dedicate it to list making.
a full belly.
a lot to do tonight.
tasted over 100 different beers.
unconditional love.


One Response to “i want, i need, i have”

  1. Borda said:

    I have a springform pan somewhere in all my boxes for cheesecake baking. I could most likely unearth it for you if you so desired.