introducing list friday

I’m in a particularly good mood, despite that I can not access gmail for some reason. it must be that it’s Friday and in just over 2 hours, I will be walking out of this office door, and flinging my arms free for the weekend. and…I decided to deem today and all Fridays, “List Friday”. since lists make me happy, I’m a pro at making them, and Fridays are always happy. so expect a special list every Friday. I’m such a big fan of lists, that I doubt I’ll be able to contain myself, and will surely create more lists during the week, but the Friday ones will be special!!

so here goes.

10 things that made me happy this week:
• love notes in the morning
• the bridal shower pictures
• crazy headstand yoga
• laughter
• surprise parties
• new gig posters
• moose mice
• late night walks on Bayshore
• burgers and baked beans at grandma’s house
• getting through it!

2 Responses to “introducing list friday”

  1. Em said:

    I love your list! I love lists too. I especially love reading other peoples lists. Ive got your swap stuff together, I just have to send it off! Hope you love it, and can’t wait to get mine!